How To Trade once you get our Hot Penny Stock Alerts

Ready to use our penny stock alerts? A few easy steps and you’re on your way...

1. Open up an discount online brokerage account with e-trade, scottrade, charles schwab or td ameritrade. (just go in to a local branch and they will walk you through it step by step)

Assuming you have done step 1 and your account is funded and ready to go...

2. Get to know the website really well! navigate your way around, create watchlists , place a few buy or sell orders but dont execute, make sure you launch the level 2 platform so you can see the orders being placed, look at the time and sales, charts etc…there is so much to learn!

3. Don’t make a trade! unless….. you have someone experienced guiding you along or you feel youve learned enough about the process. We would hate to see make a mistake while placing an order, then not be quick enough or knowledgable enough to get out…(some of these stocks move quick and you have to time them just right )

4. When your finally ready to buy a stock make sure you feel good about the company or you trust the person giving you the advice. (and even then be careful). When you sign up to get the free stock picks make sure the guys telling you about “the next hot stock” have a good track record of winners. BOTTOM LINE ..Please do not invest if you can’t afford to lose it.

5. TAKE PROFITS ..TAKE PROFITS…TAKE PROFITS …..Every one of us on The University staff and any experienced trader will tell you to book profits even small ones. Ten 10% winners is great trading…Don’t get greedy

6. CUT YOU LOSSES and MOVE ON! sometimes it doesn’t work don’t ride the old grey mare into the ground. Selling for a small loss is SMART TRADING !